Tuesday, November 24, 2015

John Oliver Suggest New Criterion For Vetting Syrians: A Pie-Eating Contest

John Oliver
In “Last Week Tonight’s” latest episode, John Oliver mocked the Republicans and broke down the tough screening process Syrian refugees have to go through before entering America.

John Oliver, Refugees' Vetting Process In The U.S.: 'Why Don't We Just Include A Pie-Eating Contest?' (VIDEO)

John Oliver took on the United States’ vetting process for Syrian refugees on this week’s “Last Week Tonight” episode.
By Manthan Chheda | Nov 24, 2015

On "Last Week Tonight's" final episode of the season, host John Oliver broke down the extremely difficult vetting process that Syrian refugees have to endure in order to enter the United States.
Following the Paris terrorist attacks, leading GOP presidential candidates including Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have opposed taking in Syrian refugees, while 31 U.S. governors have refused to accept the war-torn survivors in their respective states,according to The Daily Beast.
"That's pretty extreme, but that's also pretty meaningless for two reasons," Oliver said,according to The Wrap. "One: Governors don't have the legal authority to ban refugees and two: even if they could, Syrians can just walk between states like anyone else! The lines on maps aren't crocodile-filled moats."
Oliver then went on to talk about the House of Representatives' approval of a new bill that calls for a stricter vetting process for refugees, which also requires the FBI director to personally sign off on each and every Syrian refugee that enters the country.
"At this point why don't we just include a pie-eating contest, a spelling bee and an evening wear portion?" the HBO host quipped.
Watch the video below:

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