Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Frog Hospital's Fred Owens And "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss Terror Threat

700 million people are infected annually with mosquito-borne disease and millions of die.
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I live with keen awareness that the popular perception of terror-related threat is essentially hysterical and that the chances of being killed by a U.S. cop are 9 times higher than being killed by a terrorist.

Americans Are 9 Times More Likely To Be Killed By A Policeman Than A Terrorist

My fondness for contexualization also informs me that a vast range of threats --- from mosquito-borne disease to aggressive dog attack (my brother was recently bit while enjoying a paradisiacal day on a Spanish beach) --- are immeasurably more menacing than terror attack.


Although the number of automobile deaths in the U.S. is down from 55,000 to 32,000 per year, we still experience twice as many deaths "per mile driven" than European societies.

Yet no one even suggests we imitate Europe by redesigning American cars, highways, drivers education courses and our system of jurisprudence in order to eliminate 16,000 needless deaths a year.

That's 240,000 needless deaths since 9/11.

No one gives a shit. 

The prevention of 160,000 deaths per decade -- deaths that WILL OCCUR (in the absence of regulatory intervention) doesn't even rise to radar.

Do you know anyone (or do you even know anyone who knows anyone) who has been injured or killed in a terror attack. (I know one person whose brother-in-law was on a lower floor of a Twin Tower but got out in time.)

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Spend more time in the garden. Go to work on a farm. These are safe places. Never a terrorist attack in these places. When traveling abroad, visit vineyards and parks. And always be attentive to your surroundings, no matter where you are.


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