Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bush's Torture Team: Legal Counselor John Yoo Justifies Crushing Children's Testicles

George W. Bush's Legal Counselor, John Yoo (bottom row center) said the president was legally justified if he deemed it necessary to crush an innocent child's testicles.

Alan: It does no good to accuse people of being "evil." 

However, if Bush-Cheney's terror team (pictured above) did not conspire to betray all of America's "better angels," then "crime" and "judgment" have no meaning.

Listen to John Yoo's defense of crushing children's testicles:

John Yoo On Torture

John Yoo's Despicable Return: We Must Stop Giving War Criminals A Platform

John Yoo

Here's some polite conversation...

Whispering sweet nothings...

Alan: None of the above hints at the moral monstrosity of overseas "Black Sites" where the Bush administration sent prisoners for the sole purpose of being tortured. 

"Black Sites" were NO-HOLDS-BARRED torture centers where the only restriction was to keep torture-subjects "this side of death." 

When torture subjects die, the sociopaths hired to inflict pain on them can neither discover nor refine techniques of pain-intensification which ratchet agony to ever higher levels while just barely keeping victims alive.

To be clear, your tax dollars and mine pay for this.

Black Sites

America the Beautiful
America, the Exceptional.
America, on whom God's favor rests.

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