Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why Capitalism Chose China To Be The World's Manufacturer. (Interesting Hypothesis)

A sad picture of some of China's air
This is Why Capitalism Chose China to be the World's Manufacturer

It's because they allow companies to pollute at will.  It wasn't so much labor costs that soured Business on America.  It was America's growing unwillingness to continue allowing Business to privatize all of the profits and social all of the costs of doing business.  Environmental safeguards force industry to internalize that aspect of their operations.
This is what China's lax to nonexistent environmental regulations look like on the ground.
Shanghai smog
Welcome back in Beijing, how I didn't miss this smog
Beautiful colors, don't you agree?
A sad picture of some of China's air
Smog in Nanjing
Great Wall
Great Wall of China - Smog
From Space
china smog clouds
Let's dump it here
Pollution in China
Care for a drink?
Water pollution in China
Who needs a rod and reel?
Lijiang River

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