Friday, October 31, 2014

Public Health Authorities Have Authority To Quarantine The Sick But Kaci Hickox Is Well

Kaci Hickox and Friend

It's hard to know whether a judge would rule in favor of Hickox, who has retained a lawyer. Public health authorities have wide latitude to quarantine people who might be sick and contagious, but Hickox is healthy. Russell Berman in The Atlantic.

Alan: An intellectual exercise... Imagine public health authorities ruling handgun carnage a form of contagion and then deciding to quaranntine guns or non-compliant gun owners.

Hickox's stand will have consequences for health policy nationwide. Officials in other states will be watching closely to see where the courts say their authority begins and ends. In the meantime, the way Maine and New Jersey have treated Hickox since she flew home has been less than encouraging to other American doctors and nurses whose help West Africa urgently needs. Josh Sanburn in Time.


"Ebola Presents A Trivial Threat To Americans' Health"
America is quick to validate paranoia, canonize anti-science stupidity,  and civil rights: The worst of all possible worlds.

"Quem Deus vult perdere, prius dementat."

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