Friday, October 31, 2014

Weird Enuf Fer Ya? News From Barbaria #158

Pax On Both Houses: Compendium Of Voter Fraud And Voter Suppression Posts

Jon Stewart shreds ‘robber baron’ Koch brothers for buying ad time during his show

Ted Cruz: Being gay is Tim Cook’s ‘personal choice,’ but ‘I love my iPhone’

Berkeley administration overrules students: Bill Maher still invited to speak at commencement

Teacher told class she’d kill all black people if given 10 days to live: student’s mom

Only a scientist could fumble so badly the gift Pope Francis just handed science

She hasn’t changed her mind, but woman may delay decision to die: ‘I still have enough joy’

Lindsey Graham: White men in ‘male-only clubs’ will do great if I’m president

Illinois teacher calls Jamaican students ‘n*gger’ after they object to ‘African-American’

Penn. coroner auctioning firearms from suicides: People pay more for ‘guns that took a life’

‘Duck Commander’ reality star endorses nephew for Congress: ‘Bibles and guns brought us here’

Former Ohio state trooper admits to coercing sex from handcuffed women

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