Friday, October 31, 2014

Repealing And Replacing Obamacare Was The GOP's #1 Priority. But Not Now

"Obamacare: Where's The Train Wreck?"
Since "repealing and replacing" Obamacare has been the GOP's #1 legislative priority for four years -- and has now disappeared from radar as completely as the missing Malaysian airliner -- the chances Republicans will come up with a legislative agenda that is any more enduring or meaningful are nil to nilisimo.

The Party of Lincoln is no longer The Party of Lincoln.

The Party of Teddy Roosevelt is no longer The Party of Teddy Roosevelt.

The Party of Dwight Eisenhower is no longer The Party of Dwight Eisenhower.

And truth be told, The Party of Ronald Reagan is no longer The Party of Ronald Reagan.

Instead, the GOP has become an intellectually bankrupt Party of Angry White Guys waging Civil War with itself.

If Republicans win the senate next Tuesday, the GOP's unique combination of senescence, ineptitude, vapidity and treachery will ensure that by 2016 the Democrats will sweep The White House and both houses of congress, going on to name enough Supreme Court judges to to topple the ancien regime

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