Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tyrannical Chris Christie Tries To Bully Good Citizen: "Sit Down And Shut Up"

Gov. Chris Christie yelling at an upset resident in New Jersey

Gov. Chris Christie telling an upset resident to "shut up and sit down."
Alan: Don't miss the video interview with protester, Jim Keady.
(Christie's thuggishness will get its comeuppance. The sooner the better.)

New Jersey's biggest bully, Gov. Chris Christie turned up for a press conference yesterday and had a surprising spat with a New Jersey man who turned up to tell Christie he needs to do more for residents who are still displaced from their homes after Hurricane Sandy.

Republicans like bulllies. 
Bullying squares with their Middle School sense of morality - the belief that violence solves problems.

From the Bully Pulpit to The Big Stick.
Christie, who showed up for the cameras and the spotlight, chastised the man for showing up for the cameras and the spotlight:
I'll be more than happy to have a debate with you anytime you'd like, guy. Because someone like you doesn't know a damn thing you're talking about except to show up when the cameras are here and show off. […]
So, listen, you want to have that conversation later buddy, I'd be happy to have it. But until that time, sit down and shut up! […]
(Man offers to meet him to talk about it later)
I'll tell you, there's about a thousand things I'll do tonight, going to dinner with you is about number one thousand and one.
So, he'll sit down with the man anytime to talk about it, except he'll never sit down with the man to talk about it. Leadership!
WNYC caught up with protestor Jim Keady to get his side of the story and Keady gave a fantastic interview explaining exactly why he is so upset with Gov. Christie's inaction:
There are thousands of families who are sitting, waiting to get in their homes. He's been out of the state 100 days of this term. What if he took 50 of those days and sat in the DCA office (Department of Community Affairs) and got the guy, Chuck to do his job and got these guys back in their homes.
The guy makes a valid point. Gov. Chris Christie is all too happy to show up and show off for the cameras, but when it comes to taking any kind of criticism, he proves time and time again that he's as thin-skinned as they come. As he sets his sites on a 2016 presidential run, his bullying tactics will no-doubt be attractive to some. The same way George W. Bush's cocky, cowboy boot-wearing, straight-talkin' persona helped him in 2000. But, there's just no way this bully survives the stress and spotlight of a presidential run without have a serious meltdown in front of the cameras. Christie's rash, immature, aggressive tactics have no business being anywhere near the oval office.



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