Monday, October 27, 2014

The Attack On Teacher Tenure Is The Personal Project Of A Wealthy Tech Magnate

No system is perfect.
Often, wisdom is the ability to "give the devil his due."


The attack on teacher tenure is the personal project of a wealthy tech magnate. At the same time, there's strong evidence that good teachers really are valuable for students, as this detailed discussion of the tenure debate explains. Haley Sweetland Edwards in Time.

"The terrible thing about our time is precisely the ease with which theories can be put into practice.  The more perfect, the more idealistic the theories, the more dreadful is their realization.  We are at last beginning to rediscover what perhaps men knew better in very ancient times, in primitive times before utopias were thought of: that liberty is bound up with imperfection, and that limitations, imperfections, errors are not only unavoidable but also salutary. The best is not the ideal.  Where what is theoretically best is imposed on everyone as the norm, then there is no longer any room even to be good.  The best, imposed as a norm, becomes evil.”  
"Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander,” by Trappist monk, Father Thomas Merton

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