Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Returning To The Dark Ages?

"The last execution of the Inquisition was carried out in Spain on July 26, 1826. This was the execution of the school teacher, Cayetano Ripoll, for the teaching of Deism in his school. In Spain the practices of the Inquisition were finally outlawed in 1834."


"Deism And Founding Father Links"

Dear Fred,

If Europe is "returning to the Dark Ages," America has already returned.

Relative to the United States, did Spain feel more, or less, civilized to you?

I have not been to Europe in 25 years but when I was last there, my Italian interlocutors laughed when I asked if they wanted to move to the United States.

The center of American politics has shifted so drastically that -- under the inexorable influence of zeitgeist -- we now entertain socio-political postulates that were, until recently, considered absurd.

Pax on both houses


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Because of well-intentioned tolerance and an undisciplined pluralism, Europe is returning to the dark ages. 
-- Rabbi Shalom Lewis — Ehr Daw ("They are here”) 

Have a Great Day and a Wonderful Week … pray for peace…


E. K.

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