Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Make Photo I.D.s Mandatory For U.S. Voters

I would rather not link citizens to an obligatory voter identification card.
However, after decades of living and working south of the border, I know that Mexico has succeeded in supplying a photo I.D. to every single citizen, including non-literate Native Americans living in the most remote backwaters.
Nothing would please me more than that the White Oligarch Party's "voter suppression plan" blow up in their faces. 
The delicious irony of insuring that blowup by zealous cooperation with The WOP is too exquisite for words. 
The WOP is dimwitted enough to believe that sudden implementation of a mandatory photo I.D. will insure resounding victory for WOP candidates. 
Bless their hearts...
Here is how universal voter registration -- with photo I.D.s -- works in Mexico. 
Every polling place is supplied with a computer printout listing the name and address of every citizen in the district - complete with a small black and white photo of each citizen printed alongside. 
Just show your photo ID to a voting place representative and --  voila! -- you're "in."

Mexican official comparing citizen's photo I.D. with the district "voting book."
This system works.
And everyone is happy.

Every one.

Since photo I.D.s work universally (and flawlessly) in Mexico, we can do at least as well here in the United States.
Over a period of years – no more than 12 and perhaps as few as 6 to 8 – it will be possible to insure that every American has a photo I.D. just as every Mexican does.
The bottom line?
In a decade or less, every American citizen -- bar none! -- will be registered to vote and will remain registered until the day they die. When, in the not distant future, health insurance is truly universal, every citizen will be issued their voter I.D. along with their health insurance card.  
Even conservatives know that universal voter registration is a decisive boon for The Democratic Party, and another compounding calamity for The WOP.

Odds and Sods:

Under penalty of modest fine, voting should be mandatory in the United States, as it is in Australia. When voting is finally considered a civic obligation and voting is made mandatory, ballots will list candidates and "measures" with corresponding "blanks" alongside where voters can 1.) write-in candidates, 2.) vote for “none of the above,” or 3.) append whatever commentary/curse they wish.

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  1. The WOP would the the DNC, who re-elected Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd for life, and claimed he was a champion of civil rights, even though he voted against every candidate of color for any judiciary position. Let's also remember that they defended slavery and created the Ku Klux Klan.

    IN's voter ID law passed SCOTUS muster. A whopping FOUR people availed themselves of the free state ID, because DNC bullprop aside, most people do have some form of ID, especially if they're receiving public benefits.

    As a result, minority turnout INCREASED.

    This is a good thing.

    Unless you're a racist fuck in the DNC who thinks everyone else is just as racist. But surely we can be as enlightened as our liberal brethren in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.