Monday, October 27, 2014

Boko Haram Ideology Converges With Traditionalist Catholicism

Boko Haram terroristsBoko Haram terrorists
‘Education is sin; it is forbidden… women must go and marry’. These are the words of Abubakar Shekau, professed leader of Boko Haram, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Nigerian terrorist group, whose name loosely translates as ‘Western education is sinful’.

The "Radical Traditionalist Catholic" Movement

"The Thinking Housewife: Marriage, Divorce And Absolutism"

Key TED Talk: "Willful Blindness: 
Why We Ignore The Obvious At Our Peril"

Totalitarian Absolutism And "The Thinking Housewife"

Alan: Yesterday, at the Novus Ordo site, I was struck by the clear "call" for "submission," the same word that translates the Arabic root of "Islam." Although submission can be virtuous, it lends itself to vice-viciousness when informed by psychological Absolutism

The trade-off of Absolutism is this: we will absolutely surrender to Authority (typically a male authority) with the understanding that Absolute Authority will take providential care of Everything, even ensuring that there is "good reason" for the worst tragedies - forgotten children dying in car seats, plagues, The Iraq War, multiple amputations from vaccine-preventable meningococcal infection, and -- pièce de résistance -- an ironclad guarantee of "my" personal salvation. 

On the other hand, Liberalism is so saturatedly satanic that there is no possibility of salvation, only hope of Total Annihilation followed by Eternal Damnation

Liberalism: "Satanic Rebellion Against God?" (The Thinking Housewife)

The ironic downside of total (totalitarian) submission to Absolute Authority is that Christian traditionalists, political Zionists and jihadists all adopt the same self-certain pose: "Not only is "my" Absolutism better than "your" Absolutism, "my" Absolutism happens to be The One, True, Holy Absolutism which - in demonstration of God's Great Goodness - authorizes me to act as The Smiting Hand of Deity, working tirelessly for your total destruction while anticipating the great good cheer caused by your irredeemable damnation to The Lake of Unquenchable Fire.

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