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9 Year Old Girl Uses Uzi To Blow Instructor's Brains Out At "Gun Tourism" Destination

Another day in Somalia


"Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue Of Children Firing Military Weapons"


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Like you, I heartily endorse a "vigorous social contract." 

American "conservatives" however are so entrenched within an explosive perimeter of circled wagons that paranoia and xenophobia have made any concept of "social contract" an object of disdain. 

Sure, there will be a measure of theocratic chatter about Social Contract and Common Good but these conjoined concepts will only benefit people who first pass credal litmuses as rigorous as those set forth by ISIS. 

How could it be otherwise when Liberalism itself is scorned as "Satanic Rebellion Against God?"


I do not have time to sort through all google references about the recent Uzi tragedy in Arizona to learn if other gun students have killed their instructors.

I also recall an article that referred to another incident in which a student killed his instructor.

There are a number of documented cases of instructors shooting their students.

Guns are goddamned dangerous things and those who keep them in their homes ensure much greater likelihood that a family member will be killed or injured - with only slight likelihood that a firearm will be used in successful self-defense. 

The "GunFail" column at Daily Kos does a fine job documenting firearm injuries and deaths caused by mishap, stupidity, self destruction and sudden rage.  

Corresponding attempts to chronicle news items concerning the use of firearms in bona fide self-defense provide precious little documentation. 

"Guns Save Lives!"

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

Since conservatives champion constitutional jurisprudence according to The Framers' "original intent," I propose that only firearms used in 1776  be available to citizens who first pass a rigorous background check and a certified gun safety course.

The article "Revolutionary War Weapons" is illuminating, in part because it reveals that every weapon was single-shot.

The gun debate is rather like the abortion debate. Once we admit that a "line can be drawn somewhere" - in case of ectopic pregnancy, rape, incest - then it is appropriate, at least in a democracy, for political debate to determine exactly where that line gets drawn. 

We may not like the outcome of debate but this is how democracy works: you win some, you lose some. 

Theocratic alternatives are exemplified by patriarchal Islam and The Inquistion which executed its last victim -- a Spanish school teacher -- in 1826. (No typo.)

The Inquisition


In the domain of firearms, the United States does not permit citizen ownership of bazookas, howitzers or nuclear weapons.

And so "a line" has already been drawn. 

By my lights it is best if we draw that line according to The Founders' "original intent."

To adhere to "original intent," I will not even insist on the obvious: that The Constitution vouchsafes citizen ownership of firearms on pre-condition that citizens possess arms to contribute to "well-regulated militias." 

How the "United" States morphed from a 27 word amendment that specifically mandates "well regulated" firearm possession - to a status quo that views any gun regulation as traitorous - is as baffling as the rest of our National Lunacy

The Second Amendment

I also recommend that rifles and pistols of Revolutionary War "type" -- which is to say single-shot weaponry -- be equipped with "smart triggers." 

"The Low Lifes Who Oppose Smart Guns"

However, for purposes of cleaving to The Constitution's "original intent," I am prepared to blow off "smart guns."

Clarence Thomas and the Meaning of the Constitution: Original Intent 


Of course, "original intent" only appeals to conservatives when it furthers their agenda so I suspect "smart triggers" will prove the next step toward creating a culture that slowly transitions the United States from yahoo carnage to the relatively peaceful status quo which prevails in almost every other developed country.


Odds and Sods

"Women's Outdoor News" Reference: 

"What better time than three days after Vacca was accidentally killed (while teaching a kid to shoot an Uzi) for the NRA to tweet a story entitled “7  Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range?""

Only since the Arizona tragedy have I become aware of America's booming "Gun Tourism" industry.

Cradle Catholic George Carlin's routine -- "We Like War Because We're Good At It" -- provides keen insight. (Warning: Like much of Carlin's brilliant work, this shtick is foul-mouthed.)

Are we having fun yet?

"Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue Of Children Firing Military Weapons"


Does "The Thinking Housewife" realize that "weaponized young girls" are typically acculturated in conservative -- probably "Christian" -- families?

I know only one liberal who owns a gun for self-defense -- a Harley biker neurosurgeon from Chicago with a skull-and-crossbones tatoo on his bicep.

"Shoot to kill. Aim at the bridge of his nose."


"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"
On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Fred Owens <> wrote:


Some legislator will propose a law tailored to ban gun instructors from handing automatic weapons to small children  -- but is unlikely that this same disaster will happen again. 

But the general case is more likely -- that more accidents will happen when powerful weapons are so easily available.
What I'm saying is that we need to enforce a more common sense approach that derives from a vigorous social contract -- and then enact the legislation that supports it.
We can solve the problem -- you, me, and Elaine -- and then just maybe the Congress will give us some legislative backup.

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