Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Couples Who Smoke Marijuana Less Likely To Engage In Domestic Violence

Study: Couples who smoke marijuana are less likely to engage in domestic violence. 
Christopher Ingraham


Alan: It appears that a significant percentage of marijuana users are genetically pre-disposed to psychological derangement when exposed to the substance. At minimum those states which have legalized marijuana should use profits to develop "predisposition profiles" and then make them freely available to those who want them.

"Cannabis Use And The Risk Of Developing A Psychotic Disorder"

"Cannabis-Induced Bipolar Disorder With Psychotic Features"

"Marijuana-Cannabis And Development Of Schizophrenia"

"The Neuroscience Of Pot: Researchers Explain Why Marijuana May Bring Serenity Or Psychosis"


Marijuana users a significant number of health risks, including serious psychological derangement in people who are predisposed to instability for genetic or environmental reasons.

Can't toke with your mouth shut.

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