Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Liberals, Progressives And Radicals: Always Playing "The Fact Card"


"Blacks Are 350% More Likely Than Whites To Be Jailed For The Same Crime"


Since blacks are 3 and a half times more likely than whites to be jailed for the same crime -- and, per capita, there are 45% more black prisoners than white prisoners -- the statistics for "equalized imprisonment" of blacks and whites (for the same crime) are a far cry from the 350% supernumerary rate revealed by un-contextualized statistics.


The situation in the American federal prison system is even more striking: 37.1% of federal prisoners are black and 59.4% of federal prisioners are white.
Source: Department of Federal Prisons

If whites in federal prisons were incarcerated at the same rate blacks are incarcerated (for the same crime), there would be a significantly lower percentage of blacks in federal prisons relative to their 12% slice of the U.S. population.

When properly contextualized by equalizing the likelihood of imprisonment for the same crime we find that whites are the real menace when it comes to federal crime.

When we factor in "white collar" crime -- and the un-jailable felons who continually scam the banking system by inducing boom-bust cycles -- white people constitute a substantially greater "white collar" criminal threat than blacks.

Whereas Afro-Americans get killed for "walking while black" even in their own neighborhoods (as happened with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown), un-jailable Wall Street felons (like Bo Brownstein in the lead photo) "steal" 40% of every middle class American's net worth and they don't even get reprimanded. 

In fact, being "too big to fail," felonious bankers are re-warded with tens of billions of dollars at very low interest which they immediately lend out -- often loaning it back to the government!?! 

Furthermore, they loan it back to the government at a 600% profit! 

As unbelievable as this seems, my brother, the vice-president of an accounting firm that employs 500 full-time CPAs, says it is a fact - "plain as potatoes." 

"Between 2007 and 2010, The Net Worth Of American Families Plummeted By 40%"

Largest Banks Profited By Borrowing From Federal Reserve, 
Then Lending That Same Borrowed Money Back To The Federal Government For A Six-Fold Profit

(It is possible that disproportionate black imprisonment does not apply to federal crime. However, I have found no data saying otherwise.)


Next time you find yourself at a social event with scriptural/credal fundamentalists, try this conversation starter: "Every text without a context is a pretext." 

"Fundies" are so blinkered by deliberately de-contextualized data fragments that - in the absence of contextualization, they are obliged to propagate falsehood. The Whole Truth -- the holy Truth -- is always expressed in context. 

The destruction of perspective-and-proportion by deliberate decontextualization is an exceptionally devious ruse befitting Beelzebub himself.

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