Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Labor Day Remembrance: Catholic Teaching On The Right Of Every Worker To Organize

"Catholic Teaching On Healthcare"
Fr. Richard O'Brien
Notre Dame

Dear Billy,

Thanks for returning my call.

Here are some "tweetable" links to circumvent any possibility that Bishop Burbidge's admirable focus on "the dignity of workers" might be reduced to platitude.

"Catholic Social Teaching and The Right To Organize"

"Catholic Teachings on the Rights of Workers"

"Labor Unions and Catholic Social Teaching"

"Notable Quotations From Catholic Social Teaching On The Theme Of Unions" 

USCCB: "Selected Quotations From Catholic Social Thought On The Rights and Responsibilities of Workers and Labor Unions 

"Catholic Social Teaching and Worker Justice: A Call to the Common Good" 

"Catholic Scholars For Worker Justice"


Following up on a component of yesterday's conversation, here are two references to Bishop Burbidge's administration of the Raleigh Diocese - one concerning his decision to quit The North Carolina Council of Churches; the other describing the Bishop's support for The Iraq War. I have contextualized The Iraq War link with Pope Benedict's ringing condemnation of that war.

1.) "Bishops Burbidge and Jugis Quit The North Carolina Council Of Churches"

2.) The history of Bishop Burbidge's support for The Iraq War

3.) "Pope Benedict's XVI's Question: "Can Modern War Ever Be Just?"

To enable a single tweet that provides ready access to a rich body of magisterial teaching on labor and related issues, I have posted this correspondence at

I encourage you to share this email with Bishop Burbidge.

Pax tecum


PS If, for purposes of tweeting (or other forms of mass communication), any of these links are unacceptable to Bishop Burbidge, I will happily create a new post in accordance with his editorial wishes.

Dorothy Day 1916.jpg
Dorothy Day, Co-Founder, The Catholic Worker

"Catholic Worker Movement"

The indiscriminate killing of civilians contradicts "Just War Principles."

According to "Just War Principles," the deliberate killing of civilian populations
is an abomination of biblical proportion.

"Just War Principles"

The United States is the only country to use the atomic bomb. 

Not once, but twice.

Both times Uncle Sam chose to target civilian populations.

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