Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What The Next Hundred Years Have In Store

Mail Delivery, 1914
Dear F,

If humankind "makes it" past the self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon, imagine what's in store over the next hundred years. 

For perspective...

A hundred years ago, there was no antibiotic, no insulin, no television, no computer, Ford's Model T was just five years old and commercial airlines would not exist for another six years.

"Microscopes Suddenly 20Xs More Powerful. It Is Now Possible To Resolve Viruses At The Lab Bench"

"Research Is Adoration" 
Teilhard de Chardin SJ  

Do not mistake my high valuation of Science for a technocratic world view.

Notably, most "hard" scientists I know are artists and musicians as well.

What's wrong with religion -- particularly absolutist religion -- is that "true believers" pine for a "Cosmic Showdown" between "The Good Guys" and "The Bad" mostly because small minds so stifle their creative and scientific juices that they only comprehend the grotesque oversimplification of violence.

Violence is not a solution, not even for God Himself who, supposedly, ordained The Great Flood to restore righteousness opon the face of the Earth.

The actual outcome of The Flood was that Noah's own children proved themselves worse human beings than those who were swept away by the "purifying" deluge. 

"Prohibition: Noah, Ham and The Curse of Canaan"



"Theological Implications Of Ebola. 
Praying For A Cure? Or, Scientifically Creating a Cure?"

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