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2nd Amendment Evangelism And The Persistent Belief That Violence Solves Problems

When Saddam was at his very worst, he was a valued Reagan ally, the administration's defense against an emergent Iranian "super" power.

"George Will Documents Reagan's Collusion With Saddam's Use Of Chemical Weapons"

"Iran Won The Iraq War"

Alan: Anyone not beholden to The Official Story is aware that Iran won The Iraq War. Ironically, Ronald Reagan was Saddam Hussein's staunchest ally since Dutch needed him to prevent Iran's emergence as a regional super-power. The prospect of Tehran's pre-eminence was so ominous that Reagan "slept with Hussein" when The Butcher of Baghdad was "at his very worst." Except for a sprinkling of 2011 press reports suggesting that Washington''s upcoming withdrawal from Iraq was tantamount to an Iranian victory,  the following Los Angeles Times article is the first mainstream press report I've seen that frankly acknowledges The Obvious: 
"Iran Won The Iraq War"


"2nd Amendment Evangelists: As Delusional & Paranoid As NRA Director Wayne LaPierre"

Dear John,

It is fine with me if people have well-regulated six-shooters and non-automatic rifles.

Only 17% of Americans disagree with the premise that  the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of an average citizen to own a gun

Far fewer than 17% want to abolish The Second Amendment altogether.

It is revealingly I cannot locate any number concerning the percentage of Americans who want to overturn The Second Amendment - at least not from any respected polling agency. Do you know anyone? I don't.

We Americans are so in love with violence that I suspect the percentage of citizens who would like to eliminate gun ownership are in the low single digits.

Check out this video by George Carlin:

"We Like War Because We're Good At It"

Fact: We Americans like war. 

Sure,... We make the carnage look noble by invoking the gods of "regime change," "spreading democracy,"  "protecting American interests." 

But in the end it distills to the same old shit: Any society that gets caught in Uncle Sam's cross hairs is slated for catastrophe - the creation "rubble mountains" as if the only way to "win a war" is to blast the "enemy" back to The Stone Age

Vietnam, Iraq, Nicaragua, Gaza. El Salvador, Guatemala.

Then, just when we're ready to wage war on Iran, we arrange an "under the table" alliance with them because Uncle Sam discovers he must subdue the "Caliphate" which filled the void left behind by Bush and Cheney idiotic destruction of Iraq. 

Why did we destroy Iraq?

Listen to what Cheney had to say about toppling Saddam Hussein back in 1994:

Pax vobiscum


[image via screencap from]Nearly all Second Amendment evangelists are in some significant way deranged.

"Gun Cartoons and Gun Violence Bibliography"

The star of the Discovery Channel’s reality show Sons of Guns was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated rape of his daughter.
According to, the East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Hayden is accused of raping his 14-year-old daughter in a series of assaults that began with him taking her virginity at the age of 11.
TMZ reported that Hayden’s daughter is backing up the allegations, claiming that her father forced her to participate in oral and vaginal sex “almost daily” for the past three years.When asked why she didn’t report the sexual assaults earlier, the girl said that she was afraid her father would hurt her.
“Don’t tell them nothing,” he reportedly told her, “because I’m all you’ve got.”
Sons of Guns is a five-season reality program that centers around Hayden’s business, Red Jacket Firearms, which sells, builds, designs and repairs guns. Red Jacket specializes in weapons fabrication and modification.
The New Orleans Times-Picayune said, “On Aug. 9, Hayden was arrested and booked on molestation charges of a juvenile and crimes against nature. Hayden reportedly told TMZ that charge was sparked from an ex-girlfriend’s allegations. Red Jacket Firearms released a statement denying those allegations.”
Hayden was released on $150,000 bail. The charges in Tuesday’s arrest stem from information that has come to light since Aug. 9.
At 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Red Jacket posted a notice on its Facebook page that said, in part, “Today, Red Jacket Firearms has received complete legal separation as an entity, from Will Hayden. We will continue to operate, although with heavy hearts and promise to do everything in our power to fill customer orders, back orders and provide support to those affected by these new developments.”
East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told the Times-Picayune that Hayden was apprehended in Livingston, Louisiana.

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