Thursday, May 17, 2012

Republican Rule and Economic Catastrophe - A Lockstep Relationship

"Why The Economy Has Done Better Under Democratic Presidents"

"The Party of Personal Responsibility" Is "The Party Of Personal Irresponsibility"

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"The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism"

"Politics and Economics: The 101 Courses You Wish You Had"

Alan: Although "both sides of the aisle" massage statistics, the following history is incontrovertible.

The Great Depression and The Great Recession were preceded by 8 years (or more) of Republican Presidential Administration, coupled with conservative Supreme Courts and -- excepting a few years of split legislative rule -- Republican domination of both houses of Congress.

Fact: Over the last century, both apocalyptic economic catastrophes were the direct outcome of unimpeded Republican rule.

Additionally, recovery from The Great Depression took place under Democratic leadership just as nascent recovery from The Great Recession is taking place under Democratic leadership.

At least half the time, people talk most about what they lack most. (They try to convert themselves under guise of converting others.)

And so, The Republican Party touts its Economic and Fiscal Responsibility when, in fact, its economic and fiscal behavior have been consistently catastrophic. 

The GOP is, in fact, The Party of Economic Irresponsibility par excellence.

Job Creation By Presidential Administration

During the 80 year period from January 1929 through January 2009, annual job growth during every Democratic presidential administration was superior to job growth under every Republican presidential administration until Barack Obama for whom "the jury is still out." Here is the record of average annual job growth, from best to worst, from 1929 onward. Democratic presidents are in blue and Republican presidents are in red:

Roosevelt: + 4.3%
Johnson: + 3.9%
Carter: + 3.2%
Truman: + 3.0%
Kennedy: + 2.6%
Clinton: + 2.4%
Nixon: + 2.2%
Ford: + 1.7%
Reagan: + 1.6%
Eisenhower: + 0.7%
Bush I: + 0.6%
Bush II: + 0.4%
Obama (through July 2011): -2.4%
Hoover: -9.0% 

"Politics and Economics: The "101" courses you wish you had..."

"Presidents And The Economy. Who Was Best, Worst? Take The Christian Science Monitor Quiz."

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