Friday, May 18, 2012

Wanna Bigger Dick?

To believe the national budget can be balanced through "cuts alone" is like believing "supplements" will make your dick bigger.

Or that you're better off not wearing a seat belt because you'll "be thrown clear of the car."

Or that cigarettes don't cause cancer.

Or that America can continue consuming huge quantities of fattening food without diabetes "going through the roof."

Or that you can stay healthy without regular physical exercise.

Or that the next Middle East war will finally "win the day."

Or that the world is going through a "normal economic cycle" (rather than "radical recalibration") and "everything will get back to normal" if only we cut taxes, eliminate regulation and let Americans buy health insurance across state lines.

Or that man-made global warming is not a threat to human well-being.

Or that evolution is not real.

Or that the private sector can provide good healthcare for all Americans.

Or that private insurance companies do not constitute their own "death panels."

Or that corporations are people.

Or that plutocratic sequestration of wealth will create a bonanza of "good jobs."

Or that "trickle down" is not "trickled upon."

Or that automation, robotization and software enhancement are not permanently diminishing the total number of jobs required for essential productive work.

Or that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim socialist, anti-American, job-killing quisling, whose Anti-Christ goal is to surrender the United States to a One World Government headed by Arab sheiks.

Or that Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms except to insure the existence of well-regulated militias.

Or that biblical literalism is possible.

Or that Christian fundamentalism is not toxic to democratic government.

Or that taxes must always be lower.

Or that torture helps restore American greatness.

Or that continual warfare does not contribute to the definitive degradation of the United States.

Or that The Republican Party does not do as much damage as terrorist organizations.  

Or that you can put Sarah Palin first without putting the country second.

Or that Newt Gingrich is not a stupid person's idea of a smart person.

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