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Robert Reich: "Morality That's Been Bad For America"

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Thanks for sending Robert Reich's "morality play."

It's brilliant!

In just two minutes, Reich lays bare our historical moment, also illuminating the fundamental economic history of the 20th century.


In recent decades, "Talk Radio" has secured The Triumph of Windy Opinion.

In consequence, history - and the facts that undergird history - have been pushed to the edge of a world redesigned by a renascent generation of "flat earthers."

Goosestepping behind the party's Male Slut, The Ignorant have found their voice. 

Predictably debased by the "empowerment" of stupidity, they vilify scholarship, replacing it with fatuity, flatulence and neo-fascist malice.

Any honorable recognition of Learning would orchestrate encounter with their essential void. 

I must confess my fondness for Romney's public persona - a doofy android reminiscent of Robin Williams' Mork.

Despite Romney's superficial endearment, make no mistake: His goofy persona conceals the re-embodiment of George W. 

If Etch-a-Sketch is elected -- and then follows through on draconian budget cuts and unprecedented tax cuts -- the effect will be catastrophic. 

This is not a matter of debate. As night follows day, The Republican Party will elicit catastrophe.

Maybe America needs catastrophe to waken from the embrace of Morpheus and the siren song of Predatory Capitalism. (Chesterton argued that Europe needed 700 years of Dark Age to purge Antiquity's decadent excess.)

In any event, I would much rather learn from history and so prevent the ubiquitous suffering of another disaster. 

Lamentably, things must sometimes get worse before they get better.


The chief lesson of The Great Depression and The Great Recession -- a lesson "hidden in plain sight" -- is that both debacles were preceded by 8 years (or more) of Republican Presidential Administration, along with conservative Supreme Courts, and (with slight exception) GOP domination of both houses of Congress. 

The only way to understand the GOP's denial of these egregious facts is to assume Pat Buchanan's accuracy: "The Republican philosophy might be summarized thus: To hell with principle; what matters is power, and that we have it, and that they do not.” "Where the Right Went Wrong"  (Pat Buchanan is the living American who has spent most time inside the Oval Office as a presidential counsellor.)



PS Have you read Robert Reich's New York Times' article, "How To End The Great Recession?" 
      In the following list of useful links it's #3. 

Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director David Stockman on America's inconceivable wealth inequality - 

      2.) Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, "Of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1%" - 

      3.) "Our Banana Republic" by Nicholas Kristof - 

      4.) "A Hedge Fund Republic" by Nicholas Kristof -

      5.) "How to End The Great Recession" by Robert Reich - 

      6.) “A Dogma to Wreck the Country” by Thatcherite conservative, Niall Ferguson -

      8.)  “The American Dream” by (foul-mouthed but brilliant) George Carlin -

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This says it all - I love Reich!

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A two minute assessment of our country's current political game playing:

Robert Reich's Smart Take On The Kind Of 'Morality' That's Been Bad For America:

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