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School Discipline at Home and Abroad

This would work...

Dear J,

The implicit takeaway from the video clips in your email is that Americans warm to "violence as a solution."

The interrelated message is that America should be more like "primitive" countries. 

This reversion to primitivism is part of an ongoing devolution in which American conservatives "think" they want to live in the 19th century when six-shooters ruled and humans lived half their lives with toothache (at least until 1850).

Notably absent in the clips you sent are any European views. Watch this clip -

We Americans do not want solutions as much as we want "shoot 'em ups."

What's more, we don't just like violence. We love violence! 

When The Guy In The White Hat does it, of course, we don't consider it violence. 

Rather we conceive our belligerence as Exceptional America smiting God's Enemies.

Still, facts remain what they are. 

We dropped two atomic bombs - both on civilian populations - in direct contradiction of Christianity's Just War tradition.  

Then we perpetrated a holocaust in Vietnam 

And a mini-holocaust in Iraq.

And a decade of havoc in Central America where -- as a percentage of population -- huge numbers of Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Nicaraguans were killed or maimed.

Keep in mind that these three examples are just in our lifetime!?! (And Iran's "on deck.")


Shall we discuss the extermination of Native Americans? (In the 19th century, U.S. politicians actually called the practice "extermination" and were proud of the practice.)

Now consider the experience of a functioning civilization:

Germany’s aggregate police force fired 85 bullets in all of 2011. 

New York City police fired 84 shots at a single suspect in April, 2012. 

Source: The Atlantic

Bang. Bang. 

Bad guy's dead. 

Problem solved. 


We now have more people behind bars in absolute numbers -- and as a percentage of population -- that any nation in history, including the Soviet Union at the height of the Gulag. 

The Official Story -- and what's actually going down -- are wildly divergent accounts.



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Classroom discipline

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