Friday, July 26, 2013

Red State Moocher Links

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    1. Paul Krugman On Red State Moochers
    2. "Red State Rip-Off" by Ezra Klein: "Red State Moochers Analyzed" 
      "Red State Residents Egregiously More Irresponsible Than Blue State Peers"

      "Red States Receive Far More Federal Tax Dollars Than They Pay" 

      "Red States Feed At Federal Trough: Blue States Pay The Bill"   
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    4. Red State Moocher Links: Time For "The Confederates" To Look In The Mirror

    5. "The Hard, Central Truth Of Contemporary Conservatism"

      Republican Rule And Economic Catastrophe, A Lockstep Relationship

    6. "Conservative Americans: Having Their Cake And Eating It Too"  

      "Red State Socialism. Overwhelmingly, Federal Handouts Go To Conservative States"

      1. "Sarah Palin: Socialist Super Star"

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