Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Numbers: Job Creation Under Republican and Democratic Presidents

Bloomberg Financial News Service (a conservative/independent organization) recently reported that “In the 23 years that Democrats have occupied The White House since John F. Kennedy took office in January, 1961, non-government jobs have increased by nearly 42 million, compared with 28 million jobs created during 28 years of Republican presidents.”

In other words Republican presidents created 1.0 million new non-government jobs per year, whereas Democratic presidents created 1.83 million non-government jobs per year. 

Recently, I posted “The Republican Party And Economic Catastrophe.”  (As odd as it sounds, there is a lockstep relationship between the GOP and economic disaster. Check it out.)

While checking, you might also probe "It's Even Worse Than It Looks," a 2012 book co-authored by a conservative think tanker, Robert Ornstein, and liberal think tanker, Thomas Mann.

“It’s Even Less Than It’s Looks.” Sunday talk shows stonewall Ornstein and Mann -

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