Friday, May 11, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage and The History of American Slavery

Massachusetts - the first state to legalize gay marriage - has the lowest divorce rate in the United States. Regionally, The Bible Belt has the highest divorce rate. 

I do not know how to categorize the South's ongoing "relationship" to incest. 
I do know this: If a behavior is really weird, it will be most deeply rooted in The Bible Belt

"$@*& The South" - 
(Although many of these links are broken, I fact-checked them all when this webpage was published.)


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The trend-line in support of gay marriage is striking.

When we take into account that young people are beyond baffled by the inability of two loving people to marry, it becomes apparent that the current last-gasp effort to proscribe same-sex marriage will be viewed  with the same hindsighted astonishment that befalls us when we ponder slavery and how "good Southern Christians" argued biblically (and literally) on slavery's behalf. 

The writing of Paul -- which enjoins "submission" on slaves and wives alike -- lends itself to "literal" arguments in support of slavery.

Concerning your comparison of Apple, Facebook and WalMart... check out Noam Chomsky's recent essay, "A New Dark Age?"

I particularly recommend Chomsky's passage "Plutonomy and The Precariat."

Pax on both houses


PS This morning, NPR broadcast good reports on same sex marriage: "Same Bible; Different Verdict on Gay Marriage": 

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