Friday, June 30, 2017

Seth Meyers' "Closer Look": Trump Doesn't Know Anything About Health Care

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"He sounds like a high school student who didn't read the book, or have the book, or know how to read."
Seth Meyers

In the following video, start at the 3:53 mark and marvel at The Deplorable One's flabbergasting fatuousness.

Trump's election was a precise measure of the sprawling ignorance and exquisite stupidity in which his addled supporters live.

If Trumpistas staid in their cave like the good troglodytes the nation might survive. 

But the dimwits, seeing themselves in The Dimwit, take chest-thumping pride in the The Putatively Powerful Man who validates their aggressivec vapidity by being just like them. 

Trump Doesn't Seem to Know Anything About Health Care: A Closer Look

Millions Of Deplorables Voted For Trump Because He Was The Only Candidate Who Was As Crazy As They Are

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