Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The GOP "Healthcare Deprivation Act" Is Specifically Designed To Kill People

WAPO: The GOP's' Obamacare Repeal (AKA "The Healthcare Deprivation Act") Is One Big Lie

"Broken Beyond Repair: How Abomicare Will Wreak Havoc On American Health"

Rep. Joe Kennedy III Tells "Christian" Trump-Care Supporters: Your So-Called "Mercy" Is "Malice"

The Cruel Old Party: The GOP’s Passage Of Trumpcare Is Unprecedentedly Callous

7 Years' Bitching About Obamacare While Continually Touting Their "Terrific, Low-Cost Replacement" And The GOP Produces Nothing But Flatulence, Excrement And Anguish For 25 Million Americans, Simultaneously Tranferring Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars To The 1%

Abomicare: Trump's Titanic Failure

What's Missing From This Photo of Politicians Deciding the Future of Women's Health? Anyone?

Great NPR Summary Of The History And Current Status Of The GOP's "Healthcare Deprivation Act"

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