Friday, February 10, 2017

Ben Carson's New National Geographic Show, "Historical Oddities"

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Ben Carson Is A Member Of The Seventh Day Adventist Church: Its History And Beliefs

Ben Carson's Truth-Fiction File Fact-Checked By Politifact. 57% Of Carson's Statements Are Lies

Ben Carson Believes Pyramids Were Built By Abraham's Great Grandson Joseph To Store Grain

"Dr. Ben Carson and the Seventh Day Adventists: Remarkably Adept At Holding Illogical Beliefs"

Ben Carson's Dire Warning: Loss of Keystone Pipeline Leaves U.S. With No Place to Store Grain

"Ben Carson Hopes Debate Will Focus On Lost City Of Atlantis," The Borowitz Report

"The Victim Card: Joe Scarborough Slams Ben Carson For Claiming Unfair Media Scrutiny"

"Alan, I Like Ben Carson... How Do You Feel About Him?"

Carson Made Big Money With Help Of A Felon Convicted Of Health Care Fraud: His "Best Friend"

The Guardian's Coverage Of Ben Carson's "Believe Anything You Want To Believe" Speech

Ben Carson: If You Just Saw It The Way I Do, There'd Be No Need For Facts (Or Factchecking)

Carson Announces Detailed Plan To Google "Syria"

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