Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CNN: "In The News Today, Some More Shit We Made Up"

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Alan: The aggressive ignorance of Deplorables is... well... deplorable.

If America's deplorableness goes unchecked, any semblance of democracy will not survive in the "United" States.

Ironically, the American Experiment will be "done in" by those Americans who consider themselves most patriotic.

By discrediting every rubric of intellectual rigor and by discarding all need for espistemological self-doubt, "the aggressively ignorant" shed any obligation to heed learning or to conduct self-critical research.

Thus liberated from the traditional restraints of reading, learning and dialogue with intellectually accomplished people, deplorables dive headlong into a semi-solipsistic swamp where "whatever they say" -- be it belief, conviction, opinion or idle musing -- is more truthful than the peer-reviewed research of scholars, academics and experts.

Make no mistake.

I am fully aware that scholars, academics and "experts" "get things wrong," and sometimes -- due to psychopathology or outsized egos -- some scholars, academics and "experts" become hot-dog show-offs or oppositional contrarians who deliberately "muddy the waters."

"American Conservatives And Oppositional-Defiant Disorder"

However, I am also aware -- from research, reading, discussion, correspondence and personal experience -- that "traditionally knowledgeable people" "get it right" FAR MORE OFTEN than people who ascribe knowledgability to whatever ill-informed (and mostly parroted) sound bite emerges from their mouths.

Consider, for example, "global warming denial," a manifestly decerebrate indulgence by people with ideological agendas as dimwitted as Trump's assertion that "global warming is a hoax to make American manufacturing uncompetitive."

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