Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Francisco Disappeared" - An Immigration-Deportation Dialogue With Friend Fred Owens

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(Alan: Here are two consecutive Facebook posts by friend Fred followed by my reply.)

Francisco disappeared..... Mabel told me he hasn't answered his phone in the last few weeks. Francisco had worked for Mabel these past ten years and has been very reliable, she said, doing good work at a fair price. But now he is gone.
Where did he go? I wanted to tease her. She voted for Trump after all. I wanted to say, "Ask President Trump what happened."
Where did Francisco go?
Dear President Trump, please crack down on illegal immigration, but make an exception for my gardener.

Fred Owens Mabel hired me to prune the apricot tree and do a little weedwhacking, Francisco's loss is my gain. But I don't really need the extra work, i would prefer it if Francisco comes back, no questions asked.


Schizzy gringos.

It's either "Not in my back yard" or "Only in my backyard."

As a people, we've gotten bigly too fussy (except in our choice of president).

Most of the fussiness-bitchiness distills to rugged individualism and the informational/attitudinal silos it erects.

When there's nothing left of The Common Good, I've a hunch we'll all go nuts.

Episcopalian priest and Jungian analyst John Sanford wrote "Evil: The Shadow Side Of Reality," a very good short book containing this simple declarative sentence: "Isolation is the breeding ground of evil."

Rugged Individualism has prepared a cell for everyone.

And we are as eager to go in as we are loathe to leave - even though the door is always open

All that's left is fulfillment of the prophecy: "Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat."

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