Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Protestors Leave A Yuge Mess; The Fossil Fuel Production They're Protesting Is Apocalyptic

Alan: American conservatives use their "impossibly pure principles" to lambaste any "liberal" or "liberal group" that is less than perfect.

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Sure the North Dakota pipeline protestors left a mess.

But outside the bubble of "alternative facts" (and increasingly within it) people are aware that global warming is not just a fact, but "global boiling-over" is a fact as well.

To promote fossil fuels when the cost of solar energy is already below the cost of grid energy - and will continue to go down FOREVER - is not just irresponsible but obscene. Far more offensive than Melania showing up in a long-lost hardcore porno.

But the obscenity is the least of it.

The essential horror is fossil fuels' catastrophic destructiveness.

Then there's the rapidly expanding body of scientific proof that -- independent of facts -- we cling to our beliefs like pit bulls cling to their bones, and, even worse, we double down on factless (or "alternative fact") "beliefs" with ever-greater intensity according to the scope of Truth's threat to our cherished falsehoods.

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