Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Papa Francesco: "Meglio Essere Un Ateo Che Un Ipocrita Cattolico" (Reply To Tarantino's Post)

Papa Francesco continua a dimostrare che è venuto come capo dello Stato del Vaticano per tirare l'orecchio di alcuni cattolici che hanno bisogno di pensare di più…
Alan Archibald Pope Francis re-focuses the original understanding of Christianity as "The Way" to live life in loving community, moving us back from the monster it has often become - a soul-less complex of rules, regulations, dogmas and doctrines that transform religion into a kind of "check-the-box bingo" where scorekeeping and bean-counting guarantee a fearful Christian's too-frequent obsession with personal salvation. A loving atheist always "trumps" a bean-counting Christian because "God is Love" and every good "infidel" has already found "his" way "home."
Pope Francis Raises Not-So-Invisible Hand: "Stop In The Name Of Love!"…

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