Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vandalism In Jewish Cemeteries

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Speaking as a landscape gardener, I have done a lot of work around large stones. I have moved and lifted stones. I have built and re-built stone walls. I have banged them on my toes and I have hurt my back.
So this is what I know. Look at the picture. It is so easy to knock them over, but it is so much harder to put them back up again.
Three drunken teenagers could knock over a hundred headstones in a half hour. They tip easily. They are usually not cemented to the base.
And if it were only one cemetery, I would call it prank -- for which the pranksters should be punished. ..... because it is an awful thing to do.
But it was more than one cemetery, and this is much more disturbing. To plan or premeditate this kind of destruction is far more serious a crime..
Right now the work is to set those headstones right. And that takes time and struggle. And we might need to keep vigil at night to prevent future desecrations. Did you ever camp overnight in a cemetery? That might be a good thing to do right now.
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LB So very sad... Thanks, Fred...
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MW Hate is the rage lately-goes to show change can come from the top.
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