Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Conservative Lawmakers WILL Torpedo The Promised Repeal Of Obamacare

Conservative Lawmakers Threaten to Torpedo Obamacare Repeal

John Boehner: Repeal And Replacement Of Obamacare Is "Not What's Going To Happen"
Excerpt: "In the 25 years I served in the U.S. congress, Republicans never, ever one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like. Not once." 
John Boehner

Republicans Increasingly Worried About Obamacare Repeal Without A Ready Replacement. Duh.

Alan: Crippled by "too pure principles," Republicans' only strength is ranting from the pulpit, with little (or no) ability to get things done in the mucky world of compromise and practicality.

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The GOP is The Party Of Simian Chest-Thumping, whose passion for ranting disguises the catastrophic disarray in which they actually live their lives. 

"Do Republicans Do Anything But Piss, Moan, Whine, Bitch?

Apart from "lower taxes," "a stronger military," "no hand-outs," "more personal responsibility" and impotent glorification of bygone "Golden Ages" (that never were) Republicans offer nothing that actually contributes to The Common Good or (to quote the constitution's preamble) The General Welfare.

A better healthcare system? Not a snowball's chance.

A 30 foot wall all along the Mexican border, paid for by Mexico? Not a snowball's chance.

Creating an economic boom by bringing jobs "back home?" Not a snowball's chance. 

A balanced budget? Not a snowball's chance.

No new taxes? Not a snowball's chance.

Dissolution of NAFTA? Not a snowball's chance.

Protection of American democracy from Russian meddling? Not a snowball's chance.

The complete elimination of ISIS? Not a snowball's chance.

The list of things that Trump and The Republican Party will NOT accomplish is longer than The Wall Trump won't build.

American conservatives have been lying so long they've divorced themselves from Reality.

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George McGovern spotlights the failure of conservatism (except as an ideological driver) in his brilliant essay:

"The Case For Liberalism, A Defense Of The Future Against The Past"

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