Friday, December 11, 2015

Must-See Video Of New Hampshire State Representative And Trump Supporter, Susan DeLemus

DeLemus' Tirade

If you have been around and about the internets today, you may have seen this video of Trump supporters talking about why Donald Trump speaks to them. Susan DeLemus sticks out because of how impassioned, ridiculous, and histrionic her support was during this taping. She said she had never been involved in politics before Donald Trump came with his message of honesty and truth and whatever. Turns out, you may remember her name from this old Daily Kos community diary about birthers being racists. Maybe you remember her from 2011 when she was the Republican state representative from New Hampshire.
In 2011, DeLemus was one of the state lawmakers who fought to keep Obama’s name off state ballots because they believed he was a “treasonous liar” who wasn’t born in the States, according to the Atlantic.
“It just makes me want to throw up,” Rep. Susan DeLemus had said at the time. “Let’s just bury the Constitution now and have a funeral.”
So she’s a birther. One of those conspiracy theorists who believe President Obama was born somewhere else, like Kenya, and he’s the Manchurian candidate that baby Jesus spoke about in the Bible—come to destroy good white Christians. So you were right when you watched this video and said “Eghad!”
Here she is doing pretty much the same thing under less professional lighting.

Susan DeLemus is a racist wingnut. She lied to CNN, but she did tell a much larger truth—this is the face of Donald Trump’s support—scared, racist, angry, and full of lies.

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