Tuesday, December 29, 2015

N.Y. Crime Stats Hit New Low, But Residents Say They Don't Feel It

Alan: As Americans become increasingly isolated in their pleasure domes, Fox News (and most other media outlets) grow their business by terrifying viewers. 

If the purpose of Islamist terror is to impart fear as the cornerstone of America's mentality, Fortune 500 media companies are not only panting allies of ISIS and Al Qaeda: they lead the way.

Making the world safe for terrorism.

Or at least the perception of same.

And is there a difference?

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N.Y. Crime Stats Hit New Low, But Residents Say They Don't Feel It

Like last year, New York City will finish 2015 with historically low crime numbers. But despite that evidence, polls show many residents feel the city is heading back to the "old days" of high crime.

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