Thursday, December 24, 2015

Think You Know Trump? Watch His Entire 1:17 Speech In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dec. 19, 2015

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Huge Rally in Cedar Rapids, IA (12-19-15)

Alan: The crowd cheers loudest when Trump declaims with maximum Super Hero bluster. 

It is a surpassingly Inconvenient Truth that homo "sapiens" prefers hysteria to prudence and wisdom.

A massive obstacle to the realization of peace-and-joy is that it feels good to feel bad.

It is an exceedingly Inconvenient Truth that human beings prefer hysteria to prudence and wisdom.

Routinely, peace and joy are kept in abeyance because "it feels good to feel bad."

One branch of Tibetan Buddhism holds that the chief obstacle to enlightenment is finding ourselves thrust into "too much" clarity and too much openness.

In effect, enlightenment provides a limitless panorama which menaces those who "prefer the devil they know."

To forfend boundless Glory, humans resort to trench-digging and wagon-circling. 

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