Saturday, December 26, 2015

Unarmed Black Schizophrenic Killed By Cop. Had He Been White He Would Not Have Been Shot

Black Kids Get Shot For Their Mistakes. White Kids Get Psychologized

White Man Jaywalks With Assault Rifle. Guess What Police Do

Definition Of White Privelege: 9 People Killed, 20 Shot, No Murder Charges, Everyone Released

"White Teen In BMW Hits Three Cars, Flees Scene, Assaults Cops, And Doesn't Get Shot"

"Given FL's "Stand Your Ground Law," Can This Black Woman Kill The White Cop Who Assaulted Her?"

Whites Think Discrimination Against Them Is A Bigger Problem Bias Against Blacks

Killer Cops: Slow Motion Serial Killing By White People

The Beginning Of The End For Cop-Killer Privilege: "#CrimingWhileWhite"

Walter Scott’s Killing Is the Sum of Every Black Nightmare About White Cops

"Bad Black People." Why Bill O'Reilly Is Wrong Even When He's Right"

Extrajudicial Execution By Killer Cops: Best Pax Posts

Cop Arrested After Video Shows Her Shoot Unarmed Man in Back Lying Face Down in the Snow

Open Season On Unarmed American Black Men, A Compendium Of Pax Posts

Walter Scott’s Killing Is the Sum of Every Black Nightmare About White Cops

Killing Good Black People Over Dysfunctional Tail Lights


DETROIT — The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office says the unarmed 35-year-old man who was fatally shot by a suburban Detroit officer had multiple gunshot wounds.
Medical examiner’s office spokesman Lloyd Jackson said Saturday in an email that Kevin Matthews’ death was ruled a homicide.
The Detroit man was shot Wednesday by a Dearborn police officer who approached him in connection with an earlier theft. Authorities also said he was being sought on a probation violation warrant. The confrontation followed a foot chase into a Detroit backyard.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig has said the officer suffered minor injuries.
Detroit and state police are investigating the shooting. A message was left Saturday seeking comment from Dearborn police.
Valerie Johnson has said her son was a paranoid schizophrenic and not a threat to officers.

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