Saturday, December 26, 2015

Good King Wenceslas Wishes You A Happy St. Stephen's Day

Dear Fred,

I hope your celebration of Christmas was uplifting.

Happy St. Stephen's Day


What is the only traditional Christmas Carol whose story line takes place after Christmas? 
This second version is slower than I would like but nevertheless well done: it has the advantage of displaying all lyrics.

Good King Wenceslas


I wonder why there is so little noteworthy news today.

Perhaps "Christendom" is strong enough still to slow the planet a while. 

"In your patience, you shall possess your souls."

Or maybe reporters have gone awol from gradgrind muck-suck.

Just as likely my own organism is slowing down and so less prone to be swept away by the latest velleity (a wonderful word I discovered when studying Comparative Religion

As the day proceeds I will probably review unfinished drafts and post some. 

Pax tecum


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