Tuesday, March 31, 2015

36 Ways Unions Have Improved Your Life

Alan: American conservatism holds that "if people are left alone," if regulators and activist organizations "get off their backs," their lives will be better. 

This magical thinking arises from the blindness of rugged individualism and corresponding contempt for communitarianism.

36 Ways Unions Have Improved Your Life

1. Weekends
 2. All Breaks at Work, including your Lunch Breaks
 3. Paid Vacation
 4. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
 5. Sick Leave
 6. Social Security
 7. Minimum Wage
 8. Civil Rights Act/Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination)
 9. 8-Hour Work Day
10. Overtime Pay
11. Child Labor Laws
12. Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA)
13. 40 Hour Work Week
14. Worker's Compensation (Worker's Comp)
15. Unemployment Insurance
16. Pensions
17. Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations
18. Employer Health Care Insurance
19. Collective Bargaining Rights for Employees
20. Wrongful Termination Laws
21. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
22. Whistleblower Protection Laws
23. Employee Polygraph Protect Act (Prohibits Employer from using a lie detector test on an employee)
24. Veteran's Employment and Training Services (VETS)
25. Compensation increases and Evaluations (Raises)
26. Sexual Harassment Laws
27. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
28. Holiday Pay
29. Employer Dental, Life, and Vision Insurance
30. Privacy Rights
31. Pregnancy and Parental Leave
32. Military Leave
33. The Right to Strike
34. Public Education for Children
35. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 & 2011 (Requires employers pay men and women equally for the same amount of work)
36. Laws Ending Sweatshops in the United States

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