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Pope Francis Links

Pope Francis Raises Not-So-Invisible Hand: "Stop In The Name Of Love!"

Pope Francis: What Christianity Looks Like When Believers Realize "God Is Love"

Pope Francis Has Arranged For The Homeless To Shower And Shave

Pope Francis Just Showed He's Not Afraid To Part With The American Right

Pope Francis Recognizes Slain Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero As A Martyr

Abraham Lincoln And Pope Francis Agree On The Roles Of Mercy And Justice

Pope Francis Climate Stand Deepens Conservatives' Distrust. Encyclical Due In June

Pope Francis Believes Global Warming Is Mostly Man-Made

Pope Francis And Catholic Teaching On Private Property

Pope Francis On Trade Unions And The Impossibility Of Humane Society Under Capitalism

Pope Francis: One Of The Most Powerful Critiques Of Capitalism You'll Ever Read

Pope Francis And "The Devil's Dung." CapiTalism And The Production Of S___

Pope Francis: "This Economy Kills"

Pope Francis Rattles U.S. Conservatives

Pope Francis: Ditching The Monarchy, Pauperizing The Princes

Pope Francis On Blame, Self-Justification And The Acceptance Of Personal Guilt

Pope Francis: Going To Church Doesn't Necessarily Make You A Good Person

Will Pope Francis' Miracle Last? Excerpted From John Allen's "The Francis Miracle"

Garry Wills: When I Look At Francis I See Jesus

Cardinal Gives A "Curtain Raiser" On Pope Francis' Highly-Acclaimed Climate Change Encyclical

Pope Francis Defends Himself Against Communism Claims

Pope Francis: Moving The Moral Compass From The "Individual" Toward The "Collective"

Pro-Science Pontiff: Pope Francis On Climate Change, Evolution And The Big Bang

Pope Francis Asks God To Forgive Curia Its 15 Vatican "Diseases"

Pope Francis: "Only Love Can Save Us"

Pope Francis: "Prosyletism Is Solemn Nonsense... Get To Know One Another."

Pope Francis' Role In Cuba Stretches Back Years

Pope Francis Linchpin To Washington's Restoration Of Relations With Cuba

Pope Francis Does a 180 On American Nuns Targeted By Pope Benedict

The Beatitude That Separates Pope Francis From Prissy, Bitchy "Christians"

"Not To Share Wealth With The Poor Is To Steal"

Time For Economic Crimes Tribunal? (Pope Francis Expresses Solidarity)

"A Church For The Poor," by Paul Vallely

"Pope Francis: Untying The Knots," A Biography By Paul Vallely

Stephen Colbert In Top Form: Pope Francis And Marco Rubio

Money Is The "Devil's Dung" Says Pope Francis In Fiery Speech: "Five Encouragements"

Pope Francis Champions Little Known Catholic Teachings On Economic Justice

Can Pope Francis Heal The Deep Divisions In Christianity?

Pope Francis Faults The Invisible Hand Of The Marketplace

Pope Francis: "The Only Way Out Of The Quicksand"

Pope Francis Preaches On Abortion, Gays, Contraception And "The Rich"

Pope Francis Blasts Life Sentences As "Hidden Death Penalty"

How To Measure "The Pope Francis Effect?"

Pope Francis: Causing Climate Change Is A Sin

Quotes From Pope Francis On Creation And The Environment

Pope Francis On The Dignity Of Labor

"Pope Francis Should Stick To Doctrine; Shun Economic Redistribution"

"Pope Francis On Capitalist Idolatry And The Central Importance Of Structural Inequality"

Pope Francis On Economics, Primarily Capitalist Economics

Once Again, Pope Francis Demotes Hardline U.S. Cardinal

Pope Francis' Sharp Words Make A Wealthy Donor Hesitate

Pope Francis: See The World From The Periphery. "We Ought To Get Used To Thinking"

"The Heart Of Pope Francis' Mission," E.J. Dionne

"Duck Dynasty, Meet Pope Francis," E.J. Dionne

Pope Francis Urges Tolerance In New Year's Address

Kathleen Parker: "Conservatives Fear Pope Francis Is A Communist"

"The Pope As Marxist: Is Limbaugh Right," Robert Ellsberg

Pope Francis Refers To Christians Who Don't Serve Others As "Pagans." "Ugly" too."

Pope Francis Serves The Poor. Peace-And-Justice Catholics "Get Their Church Back"

Pope Francis: "A Radical Pope's First Year" (The New Yorker)

Pope Francis: NPR's Interview With Author Of "Radical Pope"

Pope Francis Removes "Culture Warriors" From Committees For New Bishops

Pope Francis Compared To John Paul II And Benedict XVI

Pope Francis' Crackdown On "Immaculate" Order Alarms Catholic Traditionalists

Chomsky:The  U.S. Used To Have People Killed For Preaching What Pope Francis Practices

Tortured and Murdered: The Tragic Story of Pope Francis' Marxist, Feminist Friend

Time Magazine Person Of The Year: "Pope Francis, The People's Pope"

U.S. Catholicism's Most Conservative Catholic Paper Weighs In On Pope Francis' Economics

Pope Francis: "We Can No Longer Trust The Invisible Hand Of The Market"

Michael Gerson: The Pope Is Right About Capitalism And The Right Is Wrong

Pope Francis Favorite Works Of Art And The Importance Of Creativity

Pope Francis: To Defend Church Teachings Without Different Understandings Is Wrong

Pope Francis: Solidarity With The Poor Sick And Addicted

Pope Francis and "Newman's Own": The Common Good Outshines Capitalist Piggism

Michael Gerson: Pope Francis and The Argument For Compassionate Capitalism

Atheists, Agnostics, Non-Believers and Pope Francis' Mission

Capitalist Drivel and Pope Francis: Jon Stewart's Theology Is Spot On

"The Pope As Marxist. Is Limbaugh Right?" by Robert Ellsberg

What You Need To Know About The Man Who Claims To Be Pope

Rumors Of Pope Francis Escaping Vatican To Minister To Homeless At Night

Disgraced Legion Of Christ Confounds Pope Francis

Pope Francis and The Supreme Court's Declaration Of Corporate Personhood

NYT: Pope Sets Down Goals For An Inclusive Church, Reaching Out ‘On The Streets’

Pope Francis' Economic Critique: "Breathing With Both Lungs," John L. Allen, NCR

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Critique of Capitalism. The National Catholic Reporter Weighs In

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Rips Capitalism And Trickle-Down Economics

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Calls Us To Love the Poor, Use ... 

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis hits out at global 'cult of money'

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: "Mercy Makes The World More Just"

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Quotations

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Embraces Disfigured Man 

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: The Wounded

Pope Francis: If Christian Legalists Want Everything Clear And Safe, They Will Find Nothing

Pope Francis: Complaints about how ‘barbaric’ the world is sometimes end up establishing defense

Pope Francis: The Fruits Of The Second Vatican Council Are Enormous

Pope Francis: The Feminine Genius Is Needed Wherever We Make Important Decisions

Pope Francis: We Must Walk United With Our Differences

Pope Francis: Proclamation Of God's Love Comes Before Moral And Religious Imperatives

Pope Francis: Church Cannot Be Obsesses With Doctrines To Be Imposed Insistently

Pope Francis: The Thing The Church Needs Most Today

Pope Francis: The Universal Church... A Nest Protecting Our Mediocrity?

Pope Francis: "No One Is Saved Alone As An Isolated Individual"

Pope Francis: "Eventually People Get Tired Of Authoritarianism"

Pope Francis Is Shifting Catholic Church's Emphasis From Dogma To Mercy

Pope Francis: Church May "Fall Like A House Of Cards" If It Prolongs Its Sex Obsessions

Wall Street Journal: Pope Francis Warns Church Focusing Too Much On Divisive Issues

Pope Francis Fills America Magazine. American Nun: "Wow! This Is Incredible"

Pope Francis Condemns Extremists For "Perverting" Religion

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: Rumors Of Pending Assassination

Pope Francis - Pax on both houses - Pope Francis' 12,000 word America Interview

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: "Eventually people get tired of ...

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: If A Person Is Totally Certain ...‎ 

Pax on both houses: Excellent Pope Francis Cartoon! 

Pope Francis's Radical Enactment Of "The Good News"... And Getting "My" Church Back 

Pax on both houses: Pope Francis Calls Money "The Dung Of The ... 

Pope Francis: "Carnival Time Is Over." Pope Francis On Refusing To Wear The Ermine Cape 

  1. Pax on both houses: Pope Francis: Rumors Of Pending Assassination
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    Pope Says Empty Convents And Monasteries Should House Refugees

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      Pope Francis: "Truth Is A Relationship" Not An Abstract Absolute

        Pope Francis: Defends Amazon, Indigenous People. Calls For A "Garden"

        1. Pope Francis Serves The Poor. Peace and Justice Catholics "Get Their Church Back"
        Pope Francis Suspends Bishop Known for Lavish Spending. $4 Million Private Chapel
      2. Church Should Tolerate Some Civil Unions 
    How Catholic Traditionalists Are Reacting... 
    "The Thinking Housewife": The Pornography Of Compassion

  3. "Naive trust in those weilding economic power"

    "The Golden Calf"

Alan: The intractable difficulty with "unjust economic structures" is that there is no "personal responsibility" in them.

Rather, "unjust economic structures" are Capitalism's trump card, keeping people in perpetual oppression by depersonalizing them through systems with no personal component. 

Capitalist Sin is essentially depersonalized, programmatic, systematic and automatic.

As Woodrow Wilson observed: "The truth is we are all caught in an economic system which is heartless."

Capitalist Sin "just happens"... because it was designed to "just happen"... a gift of self-exculpation supplied by early generations of capitalists who established the theo-philosophical template that absolved all subsequent generations of any moral (or political) responsibility.

Structural Sin authorizes "the Pilate in each of us" to wash our hands, to turn our back on the crucifixion of the poor, and then sleep well at the end of each day's prolonged feasting.

Currently, Christian Theology -- based on the medieval template of each individual's "personal relationship" with God -- includes no heuristic, no epistemological method for grasping the pervasive nature of overarching and subtending structural sin for which "I am not responsible."

The automatic structures of sin enable each of us to proclaim -- quite plausibly and with clear conscience -- that "it is out of my hands."

In Spanish, a common legal rendition of "corporation" is "sociedad anonima" - an "anonymous society." Since "no one" dwells inside the anonymous"corporate shell," there is no one to blame, no one to hold responsible; indeed no personal conscience that might be panged into "changing."

The structures are what they are - over there, far away, beyond the reach of human responsibility.


TED Talk: Algorithms, Islam And The Anti-Christ

Perhaps the Supreme Court's recent definition of "corporations as persons" lays the foundation for a new jurisprudence that holds formerly "impersonal" corporate structures personally responsible.

Where there are "persons," moral and legal responsibility can be assigned to those persons.

Where there is only clockwork mechanism and anonymous corporate fictions -- set in motion by systematic decisions made in the distant past -- there is no more moral responsibility than my car "experiences" when I leave it running at curbside to load groceries.

It would be sweet irony if Citizens United blew up in Capitalism's face.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 

 “Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills."
Pope Francis


“Many of you have been stripped by this savage world that does not give employment, that does not help, that does not care if there are children in the world who are dying of hunger, does not care if so many families have nothing to eat.” 

  1. ***

    To understand religion across its full spectrum of virtue and vice, it is helpful to remember that Pharisees thrive in every generation. 

    "Yeshua Excoriates Fellow Pharisees"

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