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The Thinking Housewife: "The Great White Paradox"

Self-styled "Good Christians"
(To prove it, they lynch black people.)

"Bad Black People." Why Bill O'Reilly Is Wrong Even When He's Right

Bill McKibben: "The Christian paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong."

The Thinking 

The Great White Paradox

March 27, 2015
“This, then, is the great white paradox: Whites claim to adore “diversity,” but they make every effort to avoid it. They make every important decision in their lives — where to live, whom to marry, where to send their children to school, whom to choose as friends, which church to attend — as if it were made for racial reasons, but deny that race had anything to do with it.
Alan: My two kids attended public schools in Orange County, North Carolina - top-notch K-12 schools with student bodies that were approximately 30% black, nearly two and a half times the national percentage. 

Maria and Danny chose Orange High School -- 27% black -- over another school in the district whose student body is roughly 10% black, 
(I should mention, at least parenthetically, that my daughter attended Immaculata Catholic School for a semester - and hated it. She found the predominantly white students caddy, small-minded and haughty,more interested in exclusionary social hierarchies than "catholicity.")
For the last ten years, I have worshiped with a Spanish-speaking Catholic congregation and spend much more social time with Mexican friends than whites. 

With few exceptions, I consider the embrace, support and assistance of latino friends considerably more enriching than the companionship of local whites whose spirit and culture impress me as anemic and aloof, perhaps because they spend so much time isolated in their electronically-moated pleasure domes.
For decades, I have been business partners with nearly a dozen Hispanics and have found their intimacy, warmth and good cheer of incalculable value. 

In effect, I am an American migrant worker, operating two businesses in Mexico where I prefer the quality of life to that in the United States.  ///
White supremacists like "The Thinking Housewife" "need to get out more." 

They remind me of Uncle Andrew in C.S. Lewis' "The Magician's Nephew," a blanched, hot-house fellow who believes "the animals" are "out to get him" mostly because he never learned to speak their language and, in consequence, is so prone to misunderstanding that he construes their attempts to help him as life-threatening attacks. (Needless to say, Uncle Andrew "stands his ground.")

It is no secret that if everyone in your "home community" is "just like you," it is easy to play a comfortable game of cordiality but with scant "new blood" to keep "the increasingly inbred" from making safe, neo-fascist choices whose primary purpose is to build walls, not bridges. 

On the other hand, if soulfulness is a meaningful criterion, there is no contest between white guys and "brown.".
Latinos "win" hands down, flat out, no reservations.
McFarland USA
(Continuation of The Great White Paradox): As one wag put it, in their mating and migratory habits, liberals are no different from members of the Ku Klux Klan.” Jared Taylor, A Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century (p. 325)
Alan: "No different from the Ku Klux Klan?" Tell you what... I don't want to see this guy's birth certificate.: I want proof he was born in this galaxy.

— Comments —
Bill R. writes:
It is a great paradox, and it is a paradox that tells us that you can’t really get rid of racial consciousness and identity, not even in whites, because it’s a deep and profound aspect of human nature, just as is attachment to one’s family (and members of our own race are, after all, only more distant cousins). You can, however, to use Samuel Francis’s metaphor, repress that identity. It then expresses itself on an unconscious level. And this is what has happened with whites. They repressed their racial consciousness and did so for the same reason people repress anything: fear.
And we know what generated that fear: the triumph of the myth of racial equality and the hardening of this myth into the most ferociously rigid and unforgiving social dogma the West has perhaps ever known. Of course, what psychologists will tell you about repressed contents, is that they have an ugly tendency, indeed an insistence, on returning to consciousness by the back door, in the disguised form we call “neurotic.” These disguised contents then proceed — or so goes the theory, at any rate — to exercise a destructive and maladaptive influence on the conscious mind far out of proportion to the influence the contents would have had had they remained conscious and been accepted and integrated into the personality with all the rest of its conscious qualities.
So, since whites have lost the healthy, conscious expression of their racial identity, and with it the glue that enables them to form open racial solidarity with fellow whites, we see them, instead, for example, fleeing towns that have become too violent because they’ve become too black. The racial identity and solidarity are still there, in fact, but since they cannot be consciously acknowledged, they are forced to play themselves out in a neurotic, maladaptive fashion. And fleeing is neurotic and maladaptive because, for one thing, you’re literally not adapting, you’re fleeing instead — and you’re not just fleeing blacks but yourself as well — and for another, you may eventually run out of places to flee, and even if you don’t, you’re liable to find the reason for your fleeing is now in hot pursuit because they don’t like living in those conditions anymore than you do but, unlike you, are unable, on their own, to rise above them, and see in you and your state of racial intimidation and guilt, a means they can exploit to do so, even if only temporarily. In contrast, an open, healthy, conscious expression of racial identity would immediately translate into an open and unabashed racial solidarity that would enable whites to remain in such towns and retake them — and retake them swiftly, self-confidently, and totally — to the benefit of all. Of course, if white racial identity can be cured of its repression, that will also spell the end of its oppression, and the issue of taking back towns will be moot because we will have taken back the entire civilization. And what could be more just and natural than that?  It is, after all, ours.

Laura writes:
That’s a great statement.

Alan: The following user comment from "How Jews Think" (posted by The Thinking Housewife) reveals the crux of Laura's contempt for black people, ironically in the very act of sympathizing with a put-upon Ashkenazi Jew:
Mr. Jaws writes:
I am sorry I did not get around to answering your questions, because this is a very complex topic, which I cannot address adequately over email. But no matter how much success we Ashkenazi Jews have compiled, there is still this 2000-year legacy of mutual “distinctiveness” and “distrust.” As a result, many Jews, particularly those 60 and older, are likely to remember experiences in which they were exposed to hostility. For example, I am 60, and when I was 8 years old I was temporarily alone with the teenage sister of my little friend, Joey. Well, his sister looks at me with distain and mutters, “Jew” with such hostility that I remember it to this day. Then there was the time when I was 13 years old and three older Puerto Rican boys pelted me with rocks yelling, “Go home, Jew!” Later that year when my (lapsed) Catholic father took me to Easter Mass, one of the Puerto Rican kids approached me when I was standing by myself and asked me, “What are you doing in my church, Jew?” And there were always the snide remarks from my friends and ridiculous assertions that some of them did not do well in school because the Jewish teachers only liked kids who were Jewish. You get the picture.
Laura writes:
That kind of taunting still goes on in some places and it is disgusting.
Alan: Laura describes exclusionary taunts directed at Mr. Jaws as "disgusting." But the thrust of her own preachments concerning American black people ( as evidenced in the post at the top of this page) distills to an identical taunt: "Go home black people!" Laura wants blacks removed from formerly white neighborhoods and endorses her correspondent's assertion that "the entire civilization is ours" with the words "great statement." 

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