Friday, March 27, 2015

"Indiana, A Great Place To Be A Bigot!" Excellent Spoof Video

The Video: "Indiana, It's A Great Place To Be A Bigot

Alan: Where does bigotry end?

And why do "true believers" have a moral obligation to shun commerce with gay people but not with those straights who facilitate the supposed sinfulness of gay people by having commerce with them?

If we accept the premises of "true believers," the situation is rather like prostitution.

"Good Christians" may not support the "prostitutes" themselves. Rather they are supporting their "pimps."

Which, in turn, begs the question... 

Which of them is worse?

And what about Catholics whose physicians supply women with contraceptives?

Should these "Good Catholics" not at least ask physicians to reveal whether or not they participate in such sinfulness?

Only then can "Good Catholics" avoid active encouragement of those who aid and abet sinfulness in others.

And if physicians refuse to reveal their profiteering nurturance of sinfulness, should Catholics not shun them "on suspicion?"

Better to err on the side of safety. No?

And what of the companies represented in their retirement funds that produce condoms, IUDs, chemical contraceptives and appliances used in abortion? 

Why is their no moral obligation for Catholics to divest this sort of cash-on-the-barrelhead participation in sinfulness?

Most Christian churches teach that gay orientation is not sinful.

Rather, they argue that the active practice of sexual intercourse is.

Which raises this question...

Short of being in someone's bedroom, how do these "Good Christians" know that gay people are 
practicing gays?

There is, after all, a very good chance that one of their parish priests (or nuns) is gay, a circumstance that ruffles no feathers.

And why is my own conscience not respected by allowing me to withhold that portion of my taxes that pays for captial punishment or the murderous, unjust wars that force me into collaborative killing?

"Bush's Toxic Legacy In Iraq"

Pope Benedict XVI's Question: 'Can Modern Warfare Ever Be 

Make no mistake.
Bigoted Christians are their own worst enemy.
By their actions and inaction these aggressively ignorant people contrive to undermine the believability of their faith.

If not their children, then their grandchildren will turn on them in disgust.

These young people will not revile their elders because the kids are immoral but because theirparents and grandparents are.

The Borowitz Report: "Indiana Defines Stupidity As Religion"

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