Thursday, March 26, 2015

"MacFarland, USA" Will Not Be In Theaters Much Longer


I have long thought there should be an Oscar for "Most Prophetic Film" or "Most Morally Illuminating Film."

If such an award existed, "McFarland, USA" would top my 2015 list.

And if there were "hind-sighted voting" for every year since The Academy Awards launched, "McFarland" would be a contender for "Most Prophetic Film" ever.

"McFarland, USA" was directed by New Zealander, Niki Caro, best known for "Whale Rider."

"McFarland, USA"

Since "MacFarland" has been screening for weeks, it may not run much longer. 

Here in The Triangle, it has already departed one of the theaters where it screened last weekend.

"McFarland" is still showing at:

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