Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Another Naqba: Israel Slaughters Gazans As Uncle Sam Opens Embassy In Jerusalem

2605 Americans Died In The Twin Towers The Day Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Opened, The Population-Adjusted Number Of Gazans Killed By Israelis | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Adjusted For Population, Israel Killed The "American" Equivalent Of 10,771 Gazans Today

What Is The Palestinian Naqba? If You Don't Know, You Have No Clue What's Going On In Israel

"Frog Hospital's" Fred Owens & "Pax On Both Houses" Discuss Trump's New Embassy In Jerusalem
Israel's Right To Exist

Letter From Gaza

For Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Secular Zionism Remains A Religious Heresy

Critics Question Whether Pastor Who Said Hitler Was Sent By God (And That The Catholic Church Was "The Whore Of Babylon") Was A Good Choice To Speak At U.S. Embassy Opening In Jerusalem

Messianic U.S.-Israel Axis: Jerusalem Embassy Ceremony Is Gut-Punch for Most American Jews

Tel Aviv Diary: Hamas Is Desperate - And Desperate People Do Stupid, Self-Destructive Things

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