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Israel's Right To Exist

Abraham Of Ur (In Present Day Iraq) Stole Palestine From Its Ancient Inhabitants, Claiming That "Yahweh Made Me Do It." 4000 Years Later, Eu | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Earlier today my friend Fred Owens posted his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 

"I exist. I know I exist. But do I have a right to exist? Like someone else is giving me permission to exist?
Why is that said about Israel? Like we're giving you permission to exist.
Israel does exist. Like excuse me for living."

To which I reply...

It is not a question of Jews' "right to exist." 

It is a question of where they will exist - and on what terms.

The land mass we now call Israel (about the size of Vancouver Island) belonged (almost entirely) to Palestinians from the time of the Diaspora in 70 A.D. until the return of European-scattered Jews nearly 19 centuries later.

Two millennia went by (the entire span from Antiquity to Modernity) and Israelis were still convinced they owned "The Golden Ticket" and that Palestinians had only been "doing them the favor" of looking after their belongings.

In the past, friend Fred has spoken of American Indians not having the right to re-appropriate their land even though Native American dispossession took place just 100 to 200 years ago.

General George Washington Orders "Complete Destruction" Of Iroquois Settlements

A key question...

Why do Jews have an iron-clad right-of-return to their "once upon a time" homeland 2000 years after they left that homeland, and -- in the interim -- an entirely different people inhabited the land they vacated?

Currently, Palestinians, driven from their land within living memory, live in the world's largest (open air) prison camp. 

What Is The Palestinian Naqba? If You Don't Know, You Have No Clue What's Going On In Israel

Astonishingly, there is NO meaningful talk of Palestinians' right-to-return... except by Palestinians themselves who are belittled for the absurdity of their suggestion.

Indeed, Palestinian insistence on their right-to-return is represented as being as preposterous as allegations of sexual misconduct brought against Donald Trump by the following women:

Image result for pax on both houses trump's accusers

I suspect Zionist Israelis know the substantive truth but are threatened by it: first they stole Israel from the Palestinians and now they cannot afford to open any chink in their terroritorial armor because modern Israel is built on ill-gotten land, a land-grab that stinks to high heaven.

Israelis Steal Palestine Claim Yahweh Made Them Do It | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

If Zionist Israel had "played nice" with the Palestinians from the beginning, modern Israelis would not have called upon themselves the question of their right to exist.
Although it would require another essay, please note that the modern state of Israel would fit into Nevada 14 times. 

Why not cede/sell one fourteenth of Nevada to Israel... help Israelis re-settle in the American desert after one final diaspora... and then invest the new State of Israel with sovereign nation status. 

Notably, the Jewish people have undergone diaspora at least three times in the past, making resettlement a demonstrably do-able endeavor.

If the dispute between Israel and Palestine comes down to a question of "Israel's existence," how can that existence be better assured -- once and for all -- than re-constituting the Nation of Israel within the heartland of The United States? 

Sadly, Israel's frequently trumpeted "right to exist" is a red herring: Israelis are not fundamentally concerned with their "guaranteed existence." 

Rather, they are fully-prepared to sacrifice their own existence -- and the existence of the rest of the world -- in order to have their existence guaranteed in the place of their choice and on their own terms even it means the slow-motion genocide of Palestine.

War Historian M. Van Creveld: "Israeli Airforce Ready To Bomb European Capitals"

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