Thursday, May 31, 2018

Samantha Bee And The Great Demographic Die-Off Of White America

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If Carl Bernstein and David Cay Johnston are even close to right, Mueller has so much dirt on Donald that once released, Trump can pardon Cohen (and other co-conspirators) but, if he does, he won't get away with it, except among the 25 - 30% of his followers (disproportionately "Armageddon Cheerleaders") who are madder than hatters.

And if Trump does "walk" -- which I very much doubt -- it will prove God is just and "He's" finally throwing American empire on the trash heap of history.

Good riddance. 

Hasn't it been apparent for quite some time that "it's China's turn?" 

Several years ago General Clark reminded me that "China has more Honor students than we have students." 
Or maybe -- just maybe -- since the "browning of America" is inevitable (with Asians destined to constitute America's largest immigrant influx in coming years) God will not reduce us to cinder and ash but will simply let the brown people (and women) take over, while white people (who are no longer keen on reproducing) fade into The Great Demographic Die-Off.


PS Trump will get no traction with lashing out at Samantha Bee since Ivanka is, provably, a "feckless cunt." It's just straight-up Linnaean taxonomy. Calling a spade a spade.

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Now the WH is trying to equate this with Roseann and want her out.

Look into Trump's new pardons sending the message to Cohen et al that Trump  will give pardons out like lollipops.



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