Sunday, May 27, 2018

The People's Pharmacy Interviews Joel Fuhrman M.D., Author Of "Fast Food Genocide"

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Dear F,
I encourage you to check out the podcast from the most recent "People's Pharmacy" radio broadcast from the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. (Just click the green arrow near the top of the following webpage.)

Back in the day I occasionally socialized with the show's hosts Joe and Terry Graedon. Their counsel was also very helpful when we were making a dicey medical decision about M.

Joel Fuhrman, the physician whom Joe and Terry interview on this show is a "true believer" and has the passion (and quite likely the shortcomings) of a "bible-thumping" evangelist.

Even so, the information he provides is very interesting -- at times "eye-popping" -- and almost certainly beneficial.


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