Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fred Owen's Deleted Post And My Reply

Reprise: "Trump Raped His Wife" | In A 1990 Divorce Proceeding Trump's First Wife, Ivana, Said Trump Made Her "Feel Violated" During Sex And Described The Attack To A Friend  | image tagged in deplorable donald,despicable donald,devious donald,dishonorable donald,delusional donald,dishonest donald | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Lest We Forget, Trump Raped His Wife

Why White Evangelicals Are Okay With Voting For Sexual Predators Like Moore And Trump

Harvey Weinstein will be on trial in NYC. It will be a media circus. Besides being an arch predator, Harvey is a Hollywood Jew and the anti-Semites will be howling. I am very much not in favor of a show trial. I would prefer this to be settled quietly. Let justice be done and done well, but there is no joy in it.
My Reply:

I am always wary when I hear the phrase "reaching a settlement." 

If Trump were not wealthy enough -- and sufficiently well-connected to rope-pullers in The Plutocrats Club -- he would never have been able to "settle" the tsunami of malfeasance that always swirls around him... a life-long cesspool at least as big as The Swamp he's dug to oceanic proportions in Washington D.C. 

Most recently The Deplorable One has been fondled by a $500,000,000.00 emolument to build another Trump Circus in Indonesia. I refer you to The Indepent's article, "Ethics Chief Says $500 Million Chinese Support For Trump's Project 'Violates Emoluments Clause.'" This, of course, is "the same China" Trump accused of "raping the United States" during the 2016 campaign. 

Apparently Trump doesn't mind being a rapist (if we believe his first wife), nor letting America get raped if the price is right. 

In his own devoutly Christian words: "The point is that you can never be too greedy." (And check out this other verbatim quote: "First of all, I'm a great Christian -- and I am -- I am. Remember that." Jesus Christ! If God is just, conservative Christianity will crash-and-burn alongside this bloated reincarnation of the "Hindenburg.")

Donald Trump, Felon: Re-Visiting Trump University

No one seems to notice that EVERY sexual bad actor -- from Al Franken to Morgan Freeman -- "gets busted in the court of public opinion" (even for misdemeanors)... but NEVER His Satanic Majesty. 

Why is that? 

The totally credible sexual allegations against Trump -- including his first wife's detailed statement that Trump "raped" her -- result in NOTHING. 

I do not look forward to the pending geyser of anti-semitism, but a "settlement" is not what we need. 

We need level-headed judgment -- according to "the rules of evidence" -- and a press that foreswears "selling papers" through customary muckraking.

"The Point Is That You Can Never Be Too Greedy." Donald Trump Verbatim Quote | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Donald Trump: The Culmination Of Capitalist Piggery

Isaac Asimov Meets Tinfoil Trump

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Video Of Trump Saying "If You're Not Guilty, Why Are You Taking The 5th?"

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