Sunday, May 27, 2018

"19 Miles From Davis" Compilation (With Retiro "Pájaro De Nieve" Guest Appearance)

Dear C and J,

Here are the links I mentioned when we met outside the library last night.

I hope you enjoy at least some of their content.

El Retiro "Pajaro De Nieve," A Turnkey Retreat And Unsurpassed Culture Center At "La Villada" In Oaxaca, Mexico

"19 Miles From Davis" Rehearsal Tracks - New Material For Acoustic Gig In Greensboro

"19 Miles From Davis": Retrospective Of My Band's "Live" Music

V has become a lovely young woman as I knew she would.

Great parents make great kids.

Good work!

Wishing you well.

Paz con ustedes,


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